Stay tuned for commonality's upcoming spring production .

"+3, Quartets"

Following our theme from the previous shows(+1, Duets and 2+,Trios) all the pieces in the show will have 4 dancers, exploring relationships, humor, camaraderie, competition and more! Guest choreographer will bring their quartets to the mix creating a one of a kind experience!  The only non Quartet will be 

Commonality's full company world premiere work! 

March 19th, 20th 2016

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MARCH 14TH - 15TH 8pm 

Commonality's 2015 Benefit Show  

"+2, a selection of Trios"


     Choreographer Adam Parson will be premiering 5 new trios, and has invited some of L.A. best       choreographers to showcase their trios!  Your attendance at this year's show will benefit dancers who need financial support through our "Rei Aoo Memorial Fund", and the GIVEBACK initiative will donate funds to Best Friends and NKLA(No Kill Shelter LA) giving dogs and cats another opportunity to love and be loved. 

                    Click here for an update on our young GIVEBACK from last year Benson Meouli